Studio Jackaroo


‘Getting outside is a nurture to the soul. On my daily walks I wonder about the beauty around me, the little things. But I also notice how humans interfere with nature. How we fail to protect the source we all need as a species to survive. Human society has left such a huge impact on the earth and her natural resources. Society also impacts the individuality of us humans. With my work I want to inspire people to look deeper into their place in this world and the impact we have on it.’
‘Inspired by nature, human life and interaction, observing in all its details, search for understanding of the world around myself, both on a small and larger scale. My work is a detailed reflection of my thoughts and feelings on how humans interact to nature, to each other and me. Trough my work I try to find my way and place in the present world as an artist and on a personal level.’
‘Flamework is my main technique. In 2015 I started with exploring combination of flamework and kiln casting and started collaborative work with glassblower Emil Kováč.
‘Handling the red hot glass when working at the torch is exiting. It is that excitement which gives me the
drive to develop myself in technique and as an artist. Glass is my main medium. It keeps me challenged by it’s possibilities, but also it’s limits.
Although I use other materials like paint, fabric, wood, sand, and more, glass represents the transparency and clarity I strive for.’

Jacky Geurts was born in Nijmegen, The Netherlands, and works in her studio ‘Jackaroo’ in Beugen. In the ’90 she studied Arts and Craft to become a teacher. In 2006 she took her first flamework class and discovered this was the medium she wanted to works with. She has participated in classes from e.g. Lucio Bubacco, ….. and will be undertaking a masterclass by Janis Miltenberger this summer.
In 2015 her design ‘Small Blessings’ won the 1st prize Non Professional Category – Design Award Blown Light (Mondgeblazen licht), organised by Design Museum Gent and Gent Glass- Belgium.
She participated in national and international exhibitions: Glasrijk Tubbergen, international invitational glass exhibition – NL,2017; Glas Natuurlijk, (Castle Cannenburgh), international invitational glass exhibition – NL,2018 ; Besloten Hofjes contemporary interpretation, IKA Glass – BE,2018.
Her work is published in Fjoezzz, quarterly magazine Society Friends of Modern Glass,-NL, 2017; Flow Magazine issue – 2016,USA; Glassline magazine, – 2011, USA. Her work is represented in private collections in the Netherlands.