Studio Jackaroo


SMALL BLESSINGS When I was a child I loved searching for lovely Rhinestones, shells, and small creatures ….I had an endless wonder for the small world around me. And actually now I am grown up nothing changed. The little things around me, the lovely everyday moments, the smell of my sons hair, or my daughter who’s acting funny. But also beautiful clouds and yes also the little things, the little critters I see during my daily walks in nature. They make me happy. And that is necessary sometimes. Not only for me, but I think for every human being.
I feel the world around us is accelerating and getting more and more indifferent. We try to keep up and in the meantime we forget to enjoy the present. In this race to the future, a future that runs away from us, there is little time and space for the delicate, fragile and small.
My ability to look trough children’s eyes and see the small world around me, keeps me balanced. It makes me aware that you can find beauty in the most unexpected moments. The chandelier “small blessings” reflects all of this to me. Illumination of the present world so you can’t miss the moment. The whole design is meant to have a closer look, to see all the little details. discover and enjoy all the little details, be surprised: Small blessings in the present time.

Size: h165xb85xd85 cm
weight: about 25 kg
materials: glass, copper, bamboo, wood and rope





Materials: Borosilicateglass, metal





Materials: Borosilicateglass, recycle children’s bicycle wheel rim.