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Unfortunately, due to the current COVID-19 measures, it is not possible to give good quality workshops at a distance of 1.5 metres. We hope that everyone stays healthy and that we can be of service to you again in time. 

Occasionally Studio Jackaroo (located at Beugen NL) opens its doors to enthusiastic people who have already become acquainted with the flamework technique. A workshop day will involve working at the torch while Jacky Geurts takes you into her world to share her knowledge with you. For example, think of (for the bead makers among us) “a fiery adventure with lady’s torso” In which, as the title implies, you will see the glass female torso emerge from the flame. But also for example “Flowers from a bubble”, Fantasy flowers blown out of tube glass. this workshop is still in development. There are, of course, many more topics that can be addressed.The studio accommodates 3 students, and has 3 different oxygen burners.

The course fee depends on the type of workshop.

If you are with 3 enthusiastic students there is always the possibility to plan a workshop. If you would like more information, or would like to make an appointment, please contact us.

Jacky Geurts on location?
If you own a studio with multiple burners, and exhaust, you can hire Jacky to teach on location. if you want more information please contact us.

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When you are with group of 3 enthusiastic students, you can contact us to schedule a workshop. Private workshops are possible at additional costs. On this page you will find the workshops currently given by Jacky Geurts. if you want something different then the programs below, we can always talk about it. In the future new workshops will be added and you will find the description below.


Sculpture, jewelry, or where your imagination takes you.The possibilities to make beautiful things with glass are endless. There are so many techniques and so many possibilities. With the right techniques, good mood, a little bit of courage, and inspiration, everyone can make beautiful work. Jacky Geurts take you a little bit into the enormous world of borosillicate glass. Leading the way to endless possibilities, using simple techniques, transparent glass and working on a small burner. She challenges you to push your limits, to think outside the box, not only during the workshop, but also in the future. To add your own style to your work, No tricks.  where everyone learns the same techniques, that are used all over the world. Which with time and practice can give so many different results. (For example: Robert Mickelson, Micah Evans, Ronin Dagan, and duo Anne Jeitz and Alain Caliste, if you don’t know them, look them up). Sculpture work, jewelry can all be done with these techniques.The morning program consists of exercises, in which feeling with borosilicate glass, and learning techniques are what we will be working at. You will learn to appreciate the characteristic of borosilicate glass, in order to use it in the future. In the afternoon you work under supervision, on a simple own design. Be inspired by the world around you, and take that inspiration to the workshop. Then we can make some great works together. Whatever works are on the table at the end of this day, you go home with knowledge of  a number of techniques to explore in the future. The sky is the limit.

Above a number of examples of techniques that we are going to learn during the workshop.

Materials: transparent Borosillicate glass
Course level: medium advanced
Number of students 3
Costs: €150,- per student ( private lessons at additional costs)

for more information contact Studio Jackaroo


A course for the advanced bead maker. The title predicts a day full of fire, glass and female torsos. A workshop that is completely dedicated to making the female beauty in various shapes and sizes. Through Jacky’s education as a teacher in Art and Craft, she has learned to look at the human body differently, you can call it  “the artist’s eye”. In this workshop you will not only learn techniques on how to make a female torso on mandrel, but also how do you look at a human body to translate it into glass. So that in future, with the knowledge you can learn at this workshop, you can start to give your own twist to your torso.

Fixed program:
– Explanation anatomy for the artist (this makes it a lot easier to make a body with good proportions).
– Demonstrations: sculpture a: simple torso, torso with schwung, torso with bead hole horizontal.
– After every demo practice behind the torch.

Variable program:
– What else can be discussed: Torso on a bead, flower power torso, torso with wings, pregnant torso. Of course, this depends on the students requests and how quickly students pick up techniques.

Materials: 104 coe soft glass
Course level: medium Advanced, a requirement to be able to participate, basic knowledge to make glass beads,        pulling thick stringer, placing dots.
number of students: 3
Costs: €150,- per student ( private lessons at additional costs)

for more information contact Studio Jackaroo