Studio Jackaroo


The vases project, an ongoing project, where a combination is made of vases and figures that are fused together. With multimedia finish.

Emil Kováč: oven-shaped vases
Jacky Geurts: designs, flame shaped figures, multi media finishing.




EXTO SCELLETON commissioned

Materials: sheet glass, copper leaf, wood
Used technique: deep sandblasting



Design: Josja Caecilia Schepman
Josja Caecilia Schepman: figures soda lime glas
Jacky Geurts: Chain borosilicaat glas
Picture: Marja Sterck





LÁSKA (Czech – English translation “Love’) A strong male person, Amorousness, fragility of feelings that burst out in the form of a flight of butterflies. Hope, Faith, Love are the words representing this piece.

LÁSKA is a combination of a hot sculpted figure by Emil, and flame worked butterflies by Jacky. This time the team pushed their boundaries by adding the flame worked butterflies in the hot shop.
By stepping out of their comfort zone to finish this piece, made an interesting experience and learning curve.

LÁSKA: soda lime glass
Emil Kováč: Design, furnace worked figure
Jacky Geurts: Flameworked butterflies





Natures fragility and destruction by mankind is a big issue according to both artists. This piece is a reflection of the need to protect the fragility of worlds nature. The giant Patronus is protecting nature against worlds biggest predator…..humans.
The head and figures are made separately and joint together later in the cold shop.

Materials: Sodalime glass, borosilicate glass, oil paint, felt, copper leaf.
Emil Kováč: Furnace worked head
Jacky Geurts: Design, flame worked figures, mix media