Studio Jackaroo

Lately studio Jackaroo has made a number of commisions in which cremation ashes were processed in glass.

 Memory Keepsake is the name we gave them, they are meant to keep memories close and cherish them.

Difficult commisions they where, and sometimes emotional, but most of all we where very grateful to be able to create these Keepsakes fort the loved ones relatives.  

The Keepsake is deliberately made in small size. This not only because the size depends on the technique and the type of glass used, but also because this small size can be subtly present in your living space. It also gives the next of kin the opportunity to carry the Keepsake with them or take it in their hands every now and then to cherish it for a while, you can place it with for example a photo. The keepsake has a smooth shape and a nice feel to it.

A Keepsake can be either hollow or solid and is created in consultation with and according to the wishes of the client. Taking into account the technical possibilities of processing glass at the torch. Of course the enclosed cremation ash or other remembrance will be treated with respect.

With permission  of the relatives (Thank you) we can show you a few Keepsakes on this page.

For more information or an appointment, please contact us through the contact form on the website.


Pebble Keepsake

A visible or invisible small space within the Pebble Keepsake, gives room to keep something precious within. This small space will be closed with a glass stopper. The stopper is ground smooth to the pebbles surface, so the keepsake will feel pleasant to the touch. Optionally adding gold powder while closing the keepsake will create a golden circle of infinity.



Flower Keepsake

The flower keepsake is created by a layer of colored leaves and a layer of leaves formed with cremation ashes. But can also be created without cremation ashes but with a small space to hold something precious.





Hand urn, Jewelry and other Keepsakes custom made.

With permission of the relatives (Thank you) we can show you a few Keepsakes.